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If external power of the SentiBoard is utilized with the 2-pin Molex power connector on the SentiBoard, please make sure the USB_PWR jumper is detached. When SentiBoard is utilized without an external power source, it can be powered from the host computer over USB by attaching the USB_PWR jumper.

  1. Connect the SentiBoard to a computer running Ubuntu Linux via the microUSB connector on the SentiBoard. 1
  2. Make sure that the SentiBoard is powered, either by attaching external power, or by adding the jumper USB_PWR
  3. The SentiBoard should show up as /dev/ttyACMx or /dev/ttyUSBx where x is a number. To see this number, check dmesg | tail
  4. Make sure you have permissions to read from and write to the device. This is done by writing for example ls -la /dev/ttyACMx and verifying that you are a member of the group of the device.
  5. The SentiBoard should also show up in lsusb with vendor id 04D8 and product id E77A or EF83.
  6. Install the udev-rule from the SharePoint folder: sudo cp <sharepoint_folder>/etc/80-sentiboard.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ (link to 80-sentiboard.rules)
  7. You might need to either restart udev (sudo service udev restart) or log out your user and log back in. Disconnect and reconnect the SentiBoard (or press the reset button) to trigger the udev-rule.
  8. The SentiBoard should now show up as /dev/ttySentiboard00 (the configuration interface) and /dev/ttySentiboard02 (the data transfer interface).
  9. Now you can use the SentiBoard, SentiUtils, and other scripts and software provided with your product. To configure the SentiBoard, use the command-line interface. If you have a sensor connected you can try to show the device's rate using scripts/


By default the system user may or may not have reading permissions to the /dev port assigned to the SentiBoard. On most systems read access to the dev port can be given by making sure the user communicating with the device is a member of the dialout group.

sudo adduser <user> dialout

You should then re-log or force a new terminal session with exec su -l $USER

SentiBoard Connect to Host Computer

  1. Other OS-es than Ubuntu Linux will work, but it is more difficult to obtain a fixed name for the device. In Linux you can use an udev-rule to create a symbolic name, while OS X and Windows do not have an easy solution for this