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SentiUtils includes sensor parsers, frame-to-trigger synchronization, clock filtering, and sensor monitoring. SentiUtils is a real-time host application connecting the sensors to your favourite middleware.

The synchronized sensor data is primarily communicated through a UDP socket, over which pre-defined Google Protobuf messages are sent. Included in the software package you will find Python and C++ example code to read and parse the Protobuf messages sent from SentiUtils.

SentiUtils can also be integrated with custom frameworks through the socket-based interface carrying SentiSystems Protobuf messages.


Note that SentiUtils also have native support for some external frameworks (e.g ROS1, ROS2, Dune). Contact us if you are interested in using SentiUtils tightly integrated with your framework of choice.

SentiUtils and Google Protobuf

See the Protobuf section for more details.