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Xsens MTi-6xx SentiConnect


When connecting to the Xsens USB-C port for configuration, please make sure that the sensor cable is detached from the SentiBoard.

Xsens MTi-6xx SentiConnect board

The SentiSystems Xsens MTi-6xx SentiConnect board interfaces the Xsens MTi-6xx series directly with the SentiBoard. The default configuration enables UART communication, hence should be used with one of the free UART ports on the SentiBoard. The board also includes a USB port which allows for configuration (and coms.) over USB.


The use of the board's USB-C port might require you to manually install the Silicon Labs USB-to-UART bridge drivers


Parsing of Xsens MTi-6xx IMU data is available in SentiUtils through the xsens config option. See SentiUtils Configuration for more details.

Configuring the Xsens MTi-6xx


To increase the synchronization accuracy the Xsens MTi IMU should be configured with a sync output. See Figure below to see where to set this in Xsens offical configuration software (MT Manager)

Xsens sync out config

Xsens MTi-6xx IMU Output Configuration

We recommend:

Setting Type
Orientation Quaternion
Inertial Data Rate of Turn and Acceleration
Magnetic Field Yes
Temperature Yes


You can download our recommended default configuration xsens_config_mt_manager.xsa. This configuration file is compatible with the official Xsens MT Manager and can be used to speed up the configuration process.

SentiBoard Configuration

To use Xsens MTi-6xx with the SentiBoard, you can use the following configuration on the SentiBoard:

c uart1/uart2/uart3
  [e]  enabled                         true
  [p]  powered                         true
  [s]  sync_id                         [ 0xFA 0xFF ]
  [es] end_sync_id
  [l]  length                          <B @ 3 + 5
  [c]  line control                    8N1
  [f]  flow control                    rx/tx
  [b]  baudrate                        460800
  [m]  min delay between requests [us] 0
  [i]  interrupt                       rising
  [w]  warn rates                      [0  65535]
  [r]  polling                         false
  [d]  poll data:
  [?]  re-print this
  [x]  exit