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Getting Started

Through the use of our SentiConnect interface cards, connecting your sensors becomes truly plug&play. By abstracting away the sensor's specific hardware interface, every serial sensor now in effect connects to your software stack through a standard SentiBoard sensor cable. By attaching your serial sensor to an appropriate SentiConnect interface card, we make sure that the sensor's available means of time synchronization (e.g 1 Pulse Per Second, Time of Measurement Signal, or Measure by Trigger Signal) is seamlessly utilized to its full extent.

This removes the need to waste precious time deep diving in technical product datasheets, fine-reading the details of a sensor's inner workings. Integration and interfacing your sensors simply becomes a process of connecting everything together in a plug&play fashion, while still having the assurance that you will get the very best that your sensor suite has to offer.

Bundling SentiConnect interface cards with SentiBoard and SentiUtils you will have more time to focus on domain specific challenges, and less time pulling your hair out struggling with bits & bytes, sensor driver development, and obscure edge cases.

Physical Dimenions

The SentiConnect boards comes in two sizes. The "half-size" is depicted below. The "full-size" is very similar, except that the two middle holes and the break-out area in the middle are removed.