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Firmware Upgrade

For now, upgrading the Firmware of the SentiBoard 2.0 is done through the use of NXP's official MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool.


  • Download and install MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool
  • A prebuilt binary image of the SentiBoard 2.0 Firmware you want to deploy


  • Connect a micro-USB cable to the SentiBoard 2.0 and connect it to the computer running MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool
  • Press and Hold the ISP_EN Button while Pressing the RESET Button. Release the RESET Button while still holding ISP_EN. Relase ISP_EN after a minimum of 1 sec.
    SentiBoard 2.0 ISP_EN Button SentiBoard 2.0 Mini ISP_EN Button
  • Verify the SentiBoard 2.0 is now in ISP mode by pressing the USB button in the top SentiBoard 2.0 USB Button
  • Press "Test Connection" and make sure it returns with Status OK SentiBoard 2.0 USB Test
  • Go to the "Write Image" tab.
  • Press "Browse" and select the prebuilt (and official) SentiSystems SentiBoard 2.0 binary you have received. SentiBoard 2.0 Browse
  • Make sure "Unsigned Flashloader" is selected in the center box SentiBoard 2.0 Unsigned Flash
  • Press "Write Image" SentiBoard 2.0 Firmware Write
  • Finally press the RESET Button on the SentiBoard to restart the SentiBoard and make it boot the new Firmware.