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Web Interface

The web interface can be reach on port 80 of the SentiBoard's IP address.

Pointing your web browser to (Default IP) will take you to the landing page

SentiBoard 2.0 Web Interface

PTP Status

To check the PTP Status (current PTP mode etc.) go to the Statistics tab of the web interface.

SentiBoard 2.0 PTP Status

System Config

To configure the SentiBoard you can interact with the SentiBoard 2.0 back-end through a browser web-socket. Go to the User Interface tab and press "Connect".

SentiBoard 2.0 Config

You can now set the specific parameters for each of the SentiBoard's sensor ports. To see an extensive explanation of the configuration menu please go to the SentiBoard Configuration page.

System Uptime

You can view the uptime of the SentiBoard by going to the System Time tab.

This should show the current system time.

SentiBoard 2.0 System Time